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RC4VETs – Erasmus KA202 Real Challenges for VET students

The main goal of ‘Real Challenges for VET students’ (RC4VETs) project is to create realistic challenges based on a real problem/situation for the students and facilitate their transition into the labour market. These challenges will be designed by real companies based on their needs and will be worked by one or more teams of Vocational Training students from different countries. One of the main characteristics of the challenges should be: multidisciplinarity. It means that it should be worked with students from different study programmes.
RC4VETs aims to eliminate the GAP that exists between the theoretical and practical knowledge received during the training and studies, to create practical challenges for the students in a competitive environment, which dominates in the professional world and to integrate these challenges into the work of our teachers and educational centers.
The target groups of RC4VETs will be the students of six vocational training providers from: Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. The partnership offers studies, among others, for IT: Commerce, Business, Administration and Tourism studies of ISCED 3 and 4 levels.
The idea is that every partner finds a local company that could be able to design a challenge and mentor it. Students and teachers with profiles needed to solve the challenge are going to be grouped in multidisciplinary and international teams. They are going to solve the challenges proposed by companies during five months. During the process, students will be supported by employers and teachers.
The main result will be a report on the resolution of each challenge. This report will be prepared in a collaborative and transnational manner by all participants. In addition to this The resolution of the challenges will produce documentation such as presentations and reports, all these results are an indispensable part of the project itself. All these materials will be open and available. The main idea of the project could work or be exported to other Erasmus+ programmes.